Three strategies to up your game:


First, get out of the box.  


Develop your pieces--get your markers out of the box before you claim cards.  This way, your opponents will have less opportunity to block the hand you are going for.


Second, shoot for the middle.  


Medium sized hands like straights, flushes and full houses are strong enough to carry the day, hard enough to block, and adequetely limit the number of remaining turns in the end game (see rules for details).  Four of a kind and straight flushes are too easy to block, a pair or two is too easy to beat.


Third, set blockers to stun.  (Okay, we're kidding, . . . sort of.)


Not only do blockers remove marked spaces from the game, they can also block the path of a marker, since markers (and other blockers) cannot move over them.  So, even if you cannot block a particular marked space, you can stick it in your opponent's path. A chain of well placed blockers could buy you an extra move or two to catch up.


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