Pochecko is inspired by two great games, Texas Hold'em and Chess.  It was conceived as a fun way for players to build poker hands on a game board and outmaneuver opponents.

Originally, Pochecko was an 8 player board game, which used an 8 sided die (pictured above).  This theme was changed to better serve the game's mechanics.  Thus, the game now has up to 4 players and uses a 12 sided die.




The Board was colorized and cards were assigned to spaces to give each player equal access to card values and suits.  

The Board was re-drawn using Trimble SketchUp.  Some outter layers were stripped off of the board, game pieces were selected, and a list of poker hand values was added.  It was in this format that the game was presented at the New York Toy Fair 2013. 

After Toy Fair, the Board was once again re-drawn into the product that it is today.  


We hope you enjoy playing Pochecko as much as we did creating it!