Five Lesser Known Battles and Their Outcomes

Godzilla versus King Kong, Poker versus Chess, Star Trek versus Star Wars--these and others great battles came to mind as we developed Pochecko, a board game in which players battle with markers and blockers to build 5 card poker hands.


Here are some other equally great, yet some how lesser known battles that continue to wage inside the minds of many:


Cats vs. furniture.  Winner: sadly, the cats.  Quality, craftsmanship and affordability are no match for the vengeance of feline boredom.  The cats have an app and it’s my couch.


Reality TV vs. my sanity.  I cannot stand reality TV.  (Shows about cooking and flipping houses are excused.)  May the fad end soon.  Winner: aspirin companies.


Pot vs. incense.   Somebody please tell my neighbor that no amount of church fragrance will exorcise the smell of cannabis from his apartment and, by proximity, mine.  Try opening a window or 12 and toweling your door.  Loser: my apartment.


Randomly accumulating heaps of garbage vs. livable space (a.k.a. toys vs. the living room).  Parents, you know what I’m talking about.  It gets bigger each year and there’s no stopping it.  Maybe we can move out and hope the next people won’t notice.  Maybe someone will finally invent that do-hickey that converts matter into energy so that we can finally do something with all the naked dolls and action figures poised as tripping hazards.  Winner: Toys ‘r’ us.


Dark chocolate vs. well, almost everything.  Outcome: Chocolate.  Winner: me!


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